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Providing Bespoke Music & Soundscape for UK & International Feature Film & Television Drama

UK Film Music represents and manages composers, music supervisors & music editors, placing it in the unique position of delivering proven collaborations and, if needed, the full music department for high-end tv drama and feature film.

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Established & Award-Winning Composers

Launched in March 2019, UK Film Music Limited is a film music management company representing and managing some of the UK's finest, award-winning and breakthrough composers. Primarily working individually to deliver orchestral, electronic, hybrid scores and soundscapes, UKFM composers also embrace creative collaborations and opportunities to work together.

Natalie HOLT

International Composers

In addition to its roster of established UK composers, UKFM has worked hard to identify and exclusively collaborate with some of the Rest of the World's most exciting and award-winning  composers.

In a landscape of increasing co-productions and/or multi-funded feature film and tv drama, we will find the best composer to deliver a score or soundscape of energy, creativity &  relevance where a domestic composer with international credits and experience is paramount.

Pablo CERVANTES, Spain
Simone CILIO, Italy
VictorHugo FUMAGALLI, Switzerland
Mat HALLOUIN, France
Hans HESS, UK & Brazil
Matthijs KIEBOOM, Holland
Jamie MESSENGER, Australia
Stein Berge SVENDSEN, Norway
Steve WILLAERT, Belgium

Breakthrough Composers


Music Supervisor & Music Editors

Carmen's essential contribution to a production is her encyclopaedic knowledge of commercial music and creativity in placing it. Her extensive network of industry connections ensures the correct licensing and negotiation of all clearances and sync fees.

With credits in feature film and multi-ep. high-end tv drama series, Carmen's remit is ever-evolving and consequently she now also embraces playing either a lead or support role in the composer selection and contracting process if required.

Whether working with commercial tracks, source music or a bespoke score, music editors Clare Batterton and BAFTA winning Rodney Berling both have an intuitively fastidious approach to their work.

As music editors, they operate as the technical and creative liaison between the producer and composer. With creative nous, extraordinary technical know-how, natural musicianship and the ability to seemingly never sleep, the music editor is a vital member of any production team's music department.


The Team

Lesley Jackson


Lesley established UK Film Music in 2019 following many years representing & managing prominent and award-winning composers from the UK and mainland Europe. With a career in international marketing and the Visual Arts, Lesley brings a refreshingly different approach to composer management.

To this effect UK Film Music presents an industry-first collaborative roster and its unique Composers Collective Fund ensures that all clients benefit through sharing of ideas, opportunity & critical support.

Lesley is one of the judges of the prestigious Berlin International Film Scoring Competition 2020. BIFSC is an established & exciting platform for emerging composers from all over the world to showcase their talent.

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Mo Buckley

Assistant composer agent Mo Buckley consumes too much TV, box sets and feature films. It was her fascination and love for Toast of London directed by Michael Cumming and starring Matt Berry, that led her to seek opportunities in talent management. Mo is a natural persuader and networker who brings a great deal of enthusiasm and energy to UK Film Music.

Flora Jackson

Flora Jackson joined UK Film Music in September 2019 as its Research and Intelligence coordinator. With tenacity and intent Flora is on top of national and international press, on-line subscription channels, specialist industry platforms and all social media sites ensuring that no opportunity goes unnoticed, and is duly recorded and tracked.